2020 high-efficiency energy-saving intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers with few left

In the recent years, with the development of power electronics technology, power semiconductor devices and medium frequency power supply theory, 2015 high-efficiency energy-saving intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers have few remaining, as a major equipment in the industrial electric furnace industry has been widely used in the foundry industry. In the mid-1990s, the intermediate frequency furnaces appeared on the market, mainly based on the general small tonnage aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers.
At present, there are many large-scale energy-saving medium-frequency furnaces and medium-frequency electric furnace manufacturers. There are many manufacturers with 20 years of experience in medium-frequency furnace manufacturing. At the same time, there are professional medium-frequency electric furnace design and R&D centers in the factory, which are equipped with advanced equipment for manufacturing medium-frequency electric furnaces. They have strong manufacturing capabilities. There are also many manufacturers of nearly 1,000 industrial electric furnaces in production. And continue to develop and update, keep up with the latest international electric furnace technology, and gradually expand the market share, so that the competition pattern of the intermediate frequency furnace market has changed significantly.

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