Four methods to repair 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace

Step 1: the appearance inspection of the new 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace, disassembling the capacitors with oil leakage and ignition marks for further inspection. The porcelain sleeve of the terminal should be decontaminated. If the dirt is likely to form an electric spark and burn out the compensation capacitor, always pay attention to keep the terminal of the compensation capacitor. You can tap the compensation capacitor casing in turn with a screwdriver handle, according to the dullness of the sound. It is judged whether the compensation capacitor is sufficient (the sound of sufficient oil is dull).
Step 2: Disconnect the new 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace compensation capacitor from the loop and test it directly with the R×100 block of the multimeter. If there is charging and discharging on the terminal of the stylus, the pointer will be larger than 5kΩ after charging. It can be basically determined that the capacitor is good and the fault is not on the compensation capacitor. Otherwise, the segmentation elimination method can be used to find the fault compensation capacitor.
Step 3: disassemble the connecting copper bus of the compensation capacitor, and test whether each terminal of each compensation capacitor is charged and discharged with a 500V megohmmeter (the selected megohm voltage cannot be greater than the rated voltage of the container), and the battery should be charged and discharged normally. Use an inductive electrical meter to measure the normal value of each terminal of each compensation capacitor. After the measurement, the battery of the capacitor must be discharged with the BV-0.5-1.5 wire (the discharge intensity of each group of compensation capacitors can be compared).

Step 4: For compensation capacitors that may cause intermediate frequency furnace failure due to insufficient withstand voltage, connect as shown in Figure 7-2. For the compensation capacitor to be tested, when the megger is turned quickly, if the pointer of the multimeter is slowly on, the compensation capacitor is being charged, and finally stabilized at a certain voltage value, which is the breakdown voltage of the compensation capacitor. This voltage should be 1.5-2 times the maximum output voltage of the new 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace. For intermediate frequency voltage output up to 750V intermediate frequency furnace equipment, the breakdown voltage of the compensation capacitor is required to be greater than or equal to 1200V. The above detection process is actually a DC charging process of the compensation capacitor. After 10 minutes of detection, an insulated flexible wire with a cross-sectional area of ​​6 mm is applied to short-circuit discharge at both ends of the compensation capacitor. If there is a "beep" sound, there is The blue-and-white electric spark can roughly judge whether the capacity of the compensation capacitor is sufficient or not, and whether there is no capacity from the level of the sound and the intensity of the spark.

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