Intermediate frequency furnace operating procedures

Intermediate frequency furnace operating procedures
    1. Before use, check whether the electrical circuit is good, whether the components are damaged, whether the contact points are loose or disconnected. If any of the above occurs, it should be used after eliminating the fault.
2. Check the waterway, water temperature and water quality, which should meet the requirements of the device. The inlet water temperature is +5°C~+40°C, and the inlet water pressure is 1.0kg/cm2~2.0kg/cm2. Check whether the connection points of the water pipes are loose and disconnected. Phenomenon, whether the water pipe is broken or blocked; no water leakage is allowed in the machine. If any of the above phenomena occur, it should be repaired in time before use.
3. The order of starting and stopping the device is strictly required, so it must be carried out according to the following procedures.
(1) Power-on sequence
  a. Pull the manual knife on the power distribution cabinet to observe whether the incoming line voltage meter on the power distribution cabinet matches the power supply voltage, and the three-phase line voltage balance is required, and the opening indication signal light (red) is on.
  b. Press the energy storage button (yellow) on the power distribution cabinet, the servo motor will move, there will be a rotating sound until the motor rotates, then press the closing button (green), and the closing indicator light (green) will be on.
  c. Rectification running state, the indicator on the rectifier cabinet is on, the electric brake indication is on, according to the rectification work button, the rectification work indicator is on, and the DC is about 1000V.
  d. Inverter start: The working power indicator on the inverter cabinet is on, the stop indicator is on, and the power adjustment potentiometer is turned counterclockwise to the minimum. Press the inverter work button, the work indicator will be on, the intermediate frequency power supply will beep, and the intermediate frequency meter will be between 200Hz~400Hz. Rotate the power adjustment potentiometer clockwise, the buzzer sounds, accompanied by the intermediate frequency voltage, the DC current rises, and is directly adjusted to the required power supply. If over temperature, over voltage occurs, etc., the inverter works automatically stops. If you need to restart, power adjustment potentiometer, counterclockwise rotation to the minimum, press the reset button, the over temperature or over voltage indicator is off, then press the inverter work button to adjust the power potentiometer; If the machine is shut down, it should be powered off and the fault can be used.
(2) Shutdown order
a. First turn the power potentiometer of the inverter cabinet to the minimum counterclockwise direction, connect the inverter stop button (red), the inverter stop indicator light (red) is on, and the two sets of inverters should stop working.
b. Press the rectification stop button and the rectification stop indicator lights.
c. Press the opening button (red) on the power distribution cabinet, and the opening indicator light (red) lights up.
d. Pull down the manual knife on the power distribution cabinet.
    4. During the operation of the device, each electrical instrument shall be recorded and monitored. If abnormal conditions are found, the cause shall be checked immediately after stopping the machine, and the problem may be continued after the fault is removed.
5. If the waterway and water-cooled components are found to have water leakage and blockage during the operation of the device, it should be checked and repaired after shutdown, and can be used after being repaired.
Note: This inverter device is strictly prohibited to start up with no load.

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