3 tons of intermediate frequency furnace tilting furnace hydraulic system instruction manual

The hydraulic system of the 3 ton intermediate frequency furnace is mainly composed of three parts: hydraulic pump station, cabinet control console and electric control cabinet. Pressure regulating filter and other devices; horizontal motor - pump external structure. The two sets of units work in one set, and one set is spared, which realizes the automatic control of electric furnace production. The device is electro-hydraulic integrated, and its work is reliable, the performance is stable, and the appearance is beautiful. It has the characteristics of good sealing and strong anti-pollution ability. Compared with imported equipment, it has the advantages of low cost and convenient maintenance.

Main performance parameters
1. Maximum working pressure 16Mpa
2. Working pressure 9Mpa
3. Working flow 23.2 L/min
4. Input power 7.5kw
5. Fuel tank volume 0.6M3
Working principle and operation, adjustment
working principle
See hydraulic system schematic and electrical control schematic
Operation, adjustment
The hydraulic operating table of the system displays the pressure display, the tilting furnace, the lid opening and closing, and the hydraulic pump opening (closing) and integration. Switch hydraulic pump such as: open No. 1 pump, jog the No. 1 pump green button, turn off the pump and jog the No. 1 pump red button to start the hydraulic pump and then step on the foot switch QTS; then, rotate clockwise slowly, evenly rotate the electromagnetic overflow The pressure regulating handwheel of the valve adjusts the working pressure of the system to the required value (the pressure gauge displays and locks the lock nut of the pressure regulating handwheel to prevent the handwheel from loosening and affecting the production).
The pressure gauge on the valve station shows the working pressure and the equipment can work normally.
When the foot switch is pressed, the pump is automatically loaded.
For example, the tilting furnace moves the joystick to the "up" position.
(3) Resetting the furnace body Move the joystick to the “down” position. The speed of the tilting furnace can be adjusted by adjusting the MK type one-way throttle valve to adjust the rising speed of the furnace body and the falling speed of the furnace body.
Cover opening and closing
Open the cover: first raise the lift stem in the raised position, then pull the rotary stem in the open position.
Closing procedure: first turn the rotary valve stem in the closed position, then pull the lift valve stem to the lowered position.
Lifting, installation
When lifting the hydraulic pump station, fuel tank, and cabinet valve station, use the lifting ring to prevent damage to the equipment and damage to the paint surface.
All the connecting screws should be inspected in time after installation. If the transportation process is loose, it should be tightened to avoid accidents.
Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the motor, and ensure that the hydraulic pump rotates clockwise from the motor shaft end.
Use and maintenance
The working medium used in this hydraulic station is L-HM46 hydraulic oil, and the normal oil temperature should be within the range of 10 °C-50 °C;
Fuel tank fueling should be injected from the air filter on the fuel tank using a filter truck (new oil must also be filtered);
The oil level in the oil tank should be within the range of the uppermost level gauge. The minimum liquid level should not be lower than the lowest position of the level gauge when used;
After all the equipments have been installed, the system must be thoroughly flushed according to the cleaning plan before the formal use, and the iron debris and other debris remaining on the inner wall of the pipeline should be removed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The equipment is not allowed to be put into production without being washed, so as to avoid accidents;
It is recommended to clean the oil filter once every six months and clean the oil return filter;
It is recommended that the hydraulic equipment be overhauled once a year and the oil changed;
If oil leaks in the integrated block, hydraulic components, pipe joints, hydraulic valve stations, hydraulic cylinders or hose joints are found during the production process, stop the treatment and replace the seals.

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