The common fault of the intermediate frequency furnace smoothing reactor

The common fault of the intermediate frequency furnace smoothing reactor is no more than the insulation breakdown of the coil. This is often caused by poor structural design and operating conditions of the reactor. The reactor coil is wound with a hollow core copper tube. In the process of use, due to poor water quality, scale is often caused on the inner wall of the water pipe, and the scale accumulates all the year round, so that the amount of cooling water is reduced, and even the water pipe is blocked, thereby causing the coil to overheat. Accelerating the insulation degradation of the coil is one of the causes of insulation damage of the coil. Another reason is that the current flowing through the design is too large, exceeding the current that the cross section of the copper tube is subjected to.
During the use of the reactor, if the water path is found to be unsmooth, it should be washed with dilute hydrochloric acid and then washed with high pressure water (or gas). In addition, after the power is turned on, it may be a fault of the circuit when an abnormal sound is found, but a fault such as a short circuit between the reactor itself or a turn-to-turn may also exist. At this point, the oscilloscope can be used to see if the voltage waveform on each coil is normal. If there is no voltage on a coil, the coil may be short-circuited somewhere and should be replaced or repaired.

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