What should I pay attention to during the handling of the induction melting furnace?

What should I pay attention to during the handling of the induction melting  furnace?
In industrial smelting, the induction melting  furnace plays an irreplaceable role. Because of the particularity of its use environment, the performance of the equipment must meet the relevant requirements, be properly operated, properly maintained, and must be taken care of in handling problems. Wear and damage, need to pay attention to some problems in handling.
1. When lifting unopened machines with lifting equipment, be sure to pay attention to the position and safety of the ropes.
2. Under no circumstances should the intermediate frequency furnace be subjected to severe vibration or excessive tilting.
3. The intermediate frequency furnace must not be placed in the packaging during transportation.
4. When unpacking, first check the external condition of the machine, and check whether the fasteners of the intermediate frequency furnace are loose or not, and adjust the treatment before the test.
Be careful not to damage the equipment during handling, so as not to affect the operation effect, waste, and increase costs. Therefore, in all aspects of the intermediate frequency furnace, the use of details, etc. should pay attention to the standard use to ensure its normal operation.
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