Metal melting machine 2019 latest price summary

The price of the metal melting machine is calculated according to the power of the intermediate frequency power source and the volume of the furnace body. Different configuration prices vary. This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please contact for specific prices.
Metal melting machine 2019 latest price summary
Specifications / Model Fused steel / iron Aluminum / aluminum alloy Copper / gold silver / precious metal Price ¥
SDRJ -15KW metal melting machine 3KG 3KG 3KG , 5KG , 10KG ¥ 30000 yuan
SDRJ -25KW metal melting machine 5KG 5KG 20KG ¥ 40000 yuan
SDRJ -35KW metal melting machine 10KG 10KG 30KG ¥ 50000 yuan
SDRJ -45KW metal melting machine 18KG 18KG 50KG ¥ 60000 yuan
SDRJ -70KW metal melting machine 25KG 25KG 100KG ¥ 70000 yuan
SDRJ -90KW metal melting machine 40KG 40KG 120KG ¥ 800000 yuan
SDRJ -110KW metal melting machine 50KG 50KG 150KG ¥ 900000 yuan
SDRJ -160KW metal melting machine 100KG 100KG 250KG ¥ 1000000 yuan
SDRJ -200KW metal melting machine 150KG 200KG 350KG ¥ 120000 yuan
SDRJ -300KW metal melting machine 200KG 300KG 500KG ¥ 140000 yuan
SDRJ -400KW metal melting machine 250KG 400KG 600KG ¥ 160000 yuan
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