Medium frequency induction melting furnace features

Medium frequency induction melting furnace features:
(1) High melting efficiency, good power saving effect, compact structure and strong overload capability
(2) The temperature around the furnace is low, the smoke is small, and the working environment is good.
(3) The operation process is simple and the smelting operation is reliable.
(4) The metal composition is uniform.
(5) The melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high.
(6) The furnace has high utilization rate and convenient replacement.
(7) Long arc yoke shields magnetic flux leakage and reduces external magnetic reluctance, leakage magnetic flux at both ends of the shield coil, and the yoke cross section is curved. The inner side of the arc is closely attached to the outer wall to increase the effective magnetic permeability area and make the lower ring Get better support. The unique forward and reverse coils greatly increase the efficiency of the system.

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