Intermediate frequency furnace configuration requirements and technical parameters

1. Two production lines are all in one to three series, 12 pulses. Among them, the lost foam production line is equipped with 2 sets of 2t intermediate frequency furnace.
2, related facilities: furnace lining abnormal alarm device, furnace lining thickness gauge furnace building tools.
3, two lost foam production line electric furnace, in which the whole cold material melts 1t medium frequency furnace 1 set; 50% cold material + 50% hot material (1280 °C) melts 2t medium frequency furnace 1 set. The molten iron melting temperature is required to be 1550 ° C, ensuring that each line is 4 tons per hour for one melting cycle.
    4, the melting power consumption index, 560 kWh per ton of molten iron, up and down 5%.
5. The intermediate frequency furnaces all adopt closed water cooling circulation system, and all cooling system pipelines are made of stainless steel tubes.
6. The thickness of the copper tube of the induction coil is 5mm; the working temperature of the main circuit copper strip in the power cabinet is less than 60 degrees.
7. The furnace operating platform is 1.8m above the ground plane.

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