How to maintain the medium frequency induction heating furnace?

How to maintain the medium frequency induction heating furnace?
1, regular inspection equipment
Regularly check the contactors, capacitors, inductors, thyristors, transistors, IGBTs, STTs, MOS, transformers, main circuits, and functional board wiring for looseness, poor contact, and ablation. If loose or poor contact occurs, Timely modification and replacement, can not be used barely, so as not to cause major accidents.
2. Regularly check that the load wiring is intact:
When using the medium frequency induction heating furnace, you should regularly check the contact condition of the induction coil regularly to avoid loose contact and affect the use.
3. Regularly check the waterway
Regularly check the waterway to check the scale and flow of the cooling waterway. We regularly check the scale to prevent the scale from clogging the waterway, which in turn affects the use of the equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to check the water pipes to see if the water pipes are aging. Once they are aging, we need to replace them in time.

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