What is the role of the induction melting furnace smelting process?

What is the role of the induction furnace smelting process?
crubile is an important part of the induction furnace, which is the basis for the realization of induction heating energy conversion and metallurgical torch.
The role of crucible is reflected in the following points:
1. crucible is an important medium for the effective transmission of energy in the induction coil liquid, which ensures that the electromagnetic field energy can be converted into heat energy and realize the basic conditions of metal smelting.
2. The enthalpy is insulated between the induction line and the molten steel and the molten steel.
3. crucible Withstand the effects of various stresses such as gravity of the charge or molten steel, thermal stress and electromagnetic force.
4.  Thermal insulation effect, reduce heat loss, so that the temperature of the smelting process such as melting and refining molten steel can be guaranteed, and the smelting torch can be smoothly carried out.
5. crucible Withstand the chemical erosion of high temperature molten steel and high temperature melting pool, maintaining good stability provides a stable space for smelting.

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