What kind of material is best for the heating body of the electromagnetic induction heater?

The working principle of electromagnetic induction heating is that the electromagnetic heating coil generates magnetic field eddy current to directly heat the metal pipe, so the precondition is that the better the metal magnetic permeability, the better the heating effect. The most common magnetic permeability is carbon steel, iron, stainless steel, seamless steel pipe, etc. These heating effects using electromagnetic heating are very good; on the contrary, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc., which are poorly conductive, are originally heated. These special materials are added with a layer of easily magnetically conductive metal on the periphery of the stainless steel. The electromagnetic heating coil directly heats the magnetic conductive metal and transfers heat to the stainless steel metal to achieve the purpose of heating and heating. However, as early as 2015, Biyuanda Technology Special stainless steel electromagnetic heaters specially developed for non-magnetic stainless steel heating have been developed for direct heating. stable quality! Commonly used in stainless steel water heating, food machinery heating! When there is no special requirement for the material, it is recommended to select a material with good magnetic permeability such as carbon steel, iron or stainless steel.

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